Recently, the home circle has a new network red that is popular in Japan. Even the savvy Japanese ladies love it. Whether it is a bathroom, a kitchen or a sink, it can be seen in places where there is water in the house.

As long as there is his existence, what water stains, stains, bacteria, odors, all disappear!

▲ Japanese housewife Asuka's home

The most important thing is that it is not expensive!

What is this quick-drying water-absorbing artifact? Let the Moon Happiness Institute take you to the secret of the Japanese bathroom will never wet!

What is the magic black technology of diatom mat?

The diatom mat that is popular in Japan, although it is a small red meat in the home network, but the actual heart is a million years of living fossils.

The algae mat is made of diatomaceous earth. It is a diatom remains formed by diatoms that died 20,000 years ago to the bottom of the lake or the bottom of the sea. It is an organic non-toxic siliceous sedimentary rock.

Its surface has a special porosity, and now its microporous super absorbent capacity is widely used in building materials and homes.

▲ diatom mat with instantaneous suction capacity

Safe and non-toxic environmentally friendly materials

The pores are 5000 times that of bamboo charcoal

In addition to odor, formaldehyde, easy to clean

15 seconds super fast amazing water absorption capacity

▲ 5 seconds amazing water absorption function

Nowadays, many southerners use diatom mud for wall decoration because it has the effect of regulating the humidity of the air. It is also effective as a floor mat, which is especially suitable for families with elderly children.

▲ lazy free artifact

How to use such a magical diatom mat?

Use one: bathroom water absorption artifact diatom mat

It’s really a torment to wash your slippers.

▲It’s really uncomfortable to take a shower and get wet!

Not only is the feet cold and cold, but the water stains are brought to the living room bedroom, which is a disaster!

The floor mat is even more uncomfortable.

Long-term use of floor mats is easy to accumulate hair and other garbage, the color can not help but become dirty, and the taste, sour.

Moreover, the floor mat should be washed at least two weeks. As a southerner, it has been poisoned by Meiyutian for a long time. It has been washed for two weeks and the carpet is not dry. It is washed on the floor mat to cover the baldness.

Japanese housewives solved this problem with a water-absorbing black technology diatom mat, and also brought a single item of fire, which became the net red of the home circle.

▲The fabric is flat and free of hand-washed diatom mat

The Lunar Happiness Research Institute has assembled several diatom mats with both face value and strength to see how they solve the problem of home water absorption~~~

▲ metamorphic absorbent mat

But since I saw the amazing color of diatom mats in Japan, it will rekindle the beauty of home aesthetics.

▲ Even simple colors can be so beautiful!

What kind of fairy color is this, just like the phone case, it can match different styles according to the owner's home aesthetic.

Can also not have a heavy sample every day!

Cool girls who like to do "different fireworks", art-style diatom mats are enough for you to choose.

Matisse's abstract paintings make people feel like a cute and charming villain.

▲Art style highlights individuality

The simple line illustration is not enough for your ghost girl, Han Fan's fun illustration is enough to express your unique personality.

▲Simple line fun pattern

Gypsum-like elements with a marble background, simple art elements look cold and fun.

▲ plaster statue + marble = interesting you

Simple Nordic style, casual life is the best decorative attitude, at first glance it is full of force!

▲ simple INS style will not go wrong

Now INS is the most popular steam psychedelic starry sky style, so that your home no longer "walking the earth", return to the retro modern home, creating a dream.

▲ Who has not had a second science fiction dream?

Diatom mats rely not only on the value but also on strength, so that you can say goodbye to wetness and fall in love with whitewashing.

▲ marble + brass is very hot

For the small room's one-shaped shower room, it will stand up after each use, and it will not be dirty if it does not occupy the land.

In addition, when the spring comes to the south, it will return to the tide. Compared with the small area where the bathroom mat carpet and the floor towel occupy a long time, it is not easy to dry and easy to mold. After the diatom mat is stepped on, it is very convenient.

▲ put up and save space

For lazy people, it is a lazy artifact. If you take a shower, you can avoid rubbing your feet. You can use solid waste such as hair and wash it directly with water. If the surface is dirty, use sandpaper to grind off one layer and continue to use it. No need to wash the floor mat anymore. Now!

▲ lazy no-clean design

Use two: water stain killer table mat

Presumably everyone will have a long-term mold experience with the sink, slippery, and disgusting colors.

There are so many waters in the sink, I don't know how much mold is covered.

But no one will use a towel to absorb water, just let it grow.

Because the water in the sink is not sucked at all!

At the same time, smoking a towel will be more wet than a sink!

In addition to making mats, diatom mats can also be used as a mat to solve the trouble of water in the sink.

▲Water-absorbing diatom mats that can be used in multiple areas

Who wants to endure the wet countertops and bottles after makeup or make-up every day in the 100% washroom of Soft Light Beauty?

▲ Diatom mat keeps the items on the sink dry

Fine ladies who like to put skin care products, face washes, and electric toothbrushes on the sink can get the diatom wash pad.

▲ high-value diatom wash pad that can be matched with small items

The diatom washing pad can also be used with the floor mat, or there are choices of difficult diseases, you can completely buy a few styles you like!

In addition to the above-mentioned artistic style, there is also a cute and cute pet wash table mat, which is especially suitable for shovel.

▲ cat and wind wash diatom mat

The colored terrazzo is a popular element in the past year. It is simple and lively, suitable for people who like small and fresh.

▲ terrazzo is also a new element of retro furniture now

The rectangular washbasin pad is suitable for putting toothbrush cups and facial cleanser, and the size is always suitable.

▲ rectangular suitable for placing toiletries

There is also a soap pad tailored for the soap box, allowing you to bid farewell to the slimy soap box and open the refreshing "scented soap" bath time.

The diatom mat also has the function of anti-oil and anti-fouling, and the kitchen countertop is used, and the lever is still used.

Use three: heat insulation water coaster

Hot coffee in winter and iced milk tea in summer are just a drink for contemporary girls.

▲ Milk tea is a magic weapon for the 21st century!

But if you accidentally put the liquid on the table, it is easy to form water stains that are difficult to wipe.

Over time, it will be difficult to clean, and high temperature liquid will also affect the deformation of the solid wood table.

At the same time, the wood coaster and the bamboo coaster sometimes have unevenness in the cup, and even the usual water at home in order to absorb the water stains does not know how much paper towels are wasted.

▲It’s a lot of praise when you take pictures.

With a diatom coaster, you will find how easy it is to dry and cool.

The same drink can be replaced with a pattern with a coaster, the diatom pad has a heat insulation function, and the cold drink can be used.

▲ blue diatom coaster is very good with teacup

The tea girl who likes to drink tea, the Japanese blue coaster and the light-colored tea make people enjoy the idyllic poetry.

▲Photographing has the feeling of "Little Forest"

The re-carved diatom mud coaster is more suitable for oxygen girls who like to drink boiled water.

▲ cat dog shape coaster kids also like

The cute pet coaster that is essential for the girl is used with the mat and the washbasin. The overall match is more pleasing to the eye.

▲ diatom mat for multiple purposes

The simple heart and the complex people like the white porcelain cup. At this time, with the simple Nordic-style diatom coaster, you can make your character more fuzzy, and others will not notice their dullness or sharpness.

▲Simple and fresh with white porcelain cup

It can also be used under the vase to absorb water.

▲ used to make vase coasters more stable

There are more than one way to be happy, to make small and beautiful changes in your life, and to be a small confrontation to the boring world.

Say goodbye to the wet bathroom, use the diatom pad to absorb the tide of life and embrace a dry, sunny future.