The eye-catching design sense reveals the exquisite soul behind a high-quality home design. Today, we will take a look at the charm of the 2019 home fashion elements, and also introduce how to fully integrate these elements with the doors and windows to create an international sense of excellence.

Trend 1: Cold-stained polished surface VS Neutral color still enjoys many favored industrial styles in the home fashion boom. This year, the polished surface will show a more refined texture. The lustrous and smoother polished surface gives the industrial style a low-key beauty. The cold, clean and unique temperament makes the whole space more natural and simple, showing the new year's pursuit of simple and beautiful life. Door and window assembly points: black and white gray high-grade cold feeling space, pay attention to the quiet and self-sufficient, the doors and windows use black, white, gray three high-grade colors, no extra luxury decoration, will make the whole space more simple and neat, with a unique connotation. The large-area door and window design gives the entire surface a polished surface with a higher level of light, and with transparent glass, the entire space is transparent and looks very comfortable.

Trend 2: The metal elements of the futuristic sense of the future are both popular and sought after by the younger generation. No matter which style of home decoration design, it can perfectly express the unique and unruly personality and enhance the high sense of home decoration. Cool and full of metal elements in the fashion circle for many years, 2019 will use multi-element mix and match as a new highlight, perfect control of the advanced personality. Door and window assembly points: Minimalist aluminum alloy doors and windows give a futuristic metal element space to choose doors and windows, the first to be the aluminum alloy doors and windows. The modern minimalist line of aluminum alloy windows combines the toughness of metal to enhance the future. The transparent glass without any style and color makes the metal personality perfectly blended in the exquisite space.

Trend 3: Random Irregular Geometric Element The geometric element has a tension-like point-to-line variation that allows the interior space to exhibit a layered change. The geometric elements are eclectic and casual, with a sense of irregular lines and rich vivid colors, making the space at home more dynamic. Door and window assembly points: Corresponding to the geometrical elements of the geometrical elements of the doors and windows, how can the geometric patterns of doors and windows, doors and windows and home space match each other, naturally have a consistent aesthetic. The dynamic and dynamic geometric pattern of doors and windows not only shows romantic feelings, but also shows leisure fun.

Trend 4: Unrestrained and interesting color is very popular in the home fashion industry, but the design is too rigid, and many new people feel that it is not interesting. Now the strong contrast of the light and dark colors comes, and the ultimate contrast and mix and match makes people feel refreshed and bring interesting visual enjoyment. The door and window assembly is exquisite: the low-key natural light-colored doors, windows, doors and windows are mainly in natural light color or wood color in the contrasting space, which is in sharp contrast with the strong contrast color, highlighting the spatial tonality of the space. Abandon all novelty and glitz, so that the overall space is not too exaggerated. Of course, you can also draw more harmonious colors in leather sofas and pillows, so that doors and windows and space can be integrated.

Trend 5: Large-area custom carpets When large-area carpets become a comfortable need, we don't have to imagine the reasons behind them. In this era, the extension of a comfortable life is nothing more than a true pursuit of the state of mind. Large-area carpets, combined with traditional craftsmanship and modern design on the basis of soft aesthetics, with large coverage and large-scale publicity, can make the whole space look stylish and exquisite, especially in the design of high-end villas. In the middle, it is the finishing touch. Door and window assembly points: If you are close to the color of the carpet, if you are not enough, you can make a color extension in the door and window. Let the large-area color of the same color fill the majority of the space, so that the whole space has a style and no suppression, enhance the natural sense of space, and create a harmonious and beautiful home environment.

Trend 6: The pragmatic versatility tends to be beautiful and the design must return to the actual experience. 2019 Pragmatism will be synonymous with fashion home. The good-looking skin capsule will not be able to meet the rich connotation, so the flashy home design will eventually be replaced by the multi-functional home design. Because pragmatism returns to a people-oriented multi-functional design, it can provide a convenient and comfortable experience for life. Moreover, pragmatism pays attention to the combination of beauty and destiny, and it is destined to go to the trend of 2019 trend home.