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Affliate Program

Marble Wish for Affiliates

Earn your comission on every purchase you drive

Allow your audience to purchase Marble Wish products embedded in the content you publish.
A great way for blogger, youtuber etc. to earn extra comission by simply insert a referral link in your content in anywhere.

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Step 1: Creating an Affiliate Account

When you click on Continue under New Affiliate, you will see the registration process, which is similar to the normal Customer account creation, with a slight difference.

The Affiliate Information section where you can enter your:
Company Name
Website URL
Tax ID number
Preferred Payment Method (Default: Cheque, PayPal, Bank Transfer) Please choose Paypal here, we currently only accept pay via paypal


Step 2: Affiliate Account Management

Once you logged in and go to your Account section, this is what you will see:
My Account
My Orders
My Affiliate Account
In the Affiliate Account section, you will have the links to edit your affiliate information and get the details about your tracking code when linking to the products.

This is the section where you can get the URL you need to place in your websites.

You see your unique Tracking code, and you can generate a link by simply selecting the product you want to sell in the Tracking Link Generator field. Or just find the specified product link, then add "?tracking=your tracking code" behind it. Ok, now insert this link to your blog, or share this link to your social networks, any orders made from this link will bring you commission.

Once an order to be placed through your link, system will send you a congrats notice email about the commission amount you earned. You can check the details through "Your Transactions".
Please note the commission is only store credit at first, you can use it to buy any item in the store. Or if you want to withdraw the balance, just use your affiliate email write to us for request. We will check and transfer you through paypal, and then your store credit would be deducted. Please note only the amount of completed orders can be withdrew. So it usually takes 20~30days for you to withdraw since you received the commission notice. 

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